Beauty Expert Trae Bodge* representing BE attended The MakeUp Show in NYC.  The MakeUp Show was created and co-produced by The Powder Group and Metropolitan Pavillion.  They started the show together in 2005.  This year's show was held on May 16-17, 2010  .

Beauty tips, application techniques, artist must-haves and color technologies were shared by celebrity makeup artist Randy Mercer, Director Business Development and Artist relations for Makeup Forever, Kevin Bennett, and International Communications Director for Cover FX, Wanda Longo. 

Here's the Scoop on what she found...


by Kevin Bennett



. Start with eyes first in case there is necessary clean-up from the eye shadow or liner. You never want to disturb the concealer and foundation once they are applied. . Use shades on brides that have natural skin tones as their base. Even if you are using a pink or peach, the color should contain some level of beige so the color does not look artificial. . Use a powder in a similar shade over any liner on the eye to ensure that "if one wears off, the other will remain. A good insurance policy", says Kevin. . Highlight with a light champagne/peach tone under the eyes and along the upper cheek bone to deflect light from dark circles, and to direct attention to the center of the face. . Apply lip liner all over the lips, then coat the lips with a shimmering powder. . Activate the color with lip gloss for long lasting color.


. Use greys on a bride - with the flash of cameras, greys will inevitably make a bride look tired. . Use individual false lashes on a bride, as one may drop off over the course of the day and leave the eyes looking uneven. Strip lashes are better. Be sure to trim them so they look natural. . Use water-based foundation for brides - water-based formulations do not wear long enough. He recommends a silicone formulation as the ideal.

THE CULT EDGE: Artists' Secrets Shared


Cover FX's Wanda Longo presented a seminar addressing HD correction techniques utilizing Cover FX products.   Cover FX is a Canadian company, whose products were created in a skin clinic in Toronto to address the needs ofpatients with severe skin issues. The range consists of foundations, concealers, primers and mineral powders. The products are available in a variety of formulations for different skin types and all of their products have therapeutic benefits.

Wanda demonstrated how to cover a tattoo (or spider veins on the face or body) and provided the following tips: . Do not prime first.  Use the Cover FX concealer or a highly-pigmented concealer that is much lighter than the natural skin tone. . Pat a thin layer of concealer onto the skin with a brush or sponge. . Set with powder. Apply a thin layer of a shade that matches the skin, patting it in. Repeat if necessary. >>


Celebrity Makeup Artist Randy Mercer presented Kit Essentials: Cult Items for Every Artist's Kit on behalf of Alcone. Randy has worked on everyone from Barbra Streisand to Tina Fey. Randy's approach is "Makeup that lives well on the face and stays put".   Randy is a big fan of the faux face lift, so he demonstrated the Mark Traynor Face Isometric Beauty Band and the Traynor Face/Neck Lift tapes and bands on an older model to show how to temporarily remove years from the face.   Randy explained and demonstrated his signature "horseshoe" blush technique that makes the blush appear like the color is "coming from within the skin".

1. Apply powder blush in a horseshoe shape, the bottom of the U curving around the apples of the cheeks.

2. Fill in the U with a brighter cream blush, blend with a brush and set with powder.  

More tips and tricks:

. For long-lasting liner, use waterproof mascara with a fine brush to line the eyes - Randy's favorite is Maybelline Waterproof Great Lash.   . Use a clear vitamin stick - Randy's favorite is Mark Traynor's - blended with lip liner to create long-lasting lip color. He prefers the Visiora pencils in the nude tones.   . Apply a concealer last so it does not need to be touched up after eye shadow fallout (see Kevin Bennett's similar tip above).   . Use taupe eye shadow on everyone.   . Individual lashes are great for natural, but well-defined eyes - always set them with waterproof mascara.   . Always set makeup with powder. Randy recommends Visiora PC compact powder.   >>

THE TECHNO EDGE: Innovations in Color

Face Atelier has (literally) hundreds of products, so there is something for everyone.  Here are some of their notable problem solvers:   Lip Lock -   a clear shellac that locks in lip color. Lip Putty -  a clear balm that is used under lipstick to fill in fine lines. Transforming Gel - can be blended with any loose or pressed powder product (including shimmers), transforming it into a long lasting paint for the face or body.   >>www.faceatelier.comBeauty for Real is a new brand founded by veteran makeup artist Leslie Munsell. Beauty for Real launched with one essential lip pencil, which is for all skin tones and a collection of long-lasting plumping lip glosses that are infused with marine collagen, grape seed and green tea extracts, aloe vera and avocado oils. The glosses come equipped with a light and mirror for easy application anywhere. A new, non-smudging mascara equipped with the same handy light and mirror has also just been launched.

Youngblood is another collection with something for everyone. Youngblood is a mineral line that is known for minerals done well. They offer foundations (loose and pressed powder and liquid), mineral primer, concealer, bronzer, blush, eye shadow, the works. Their newest addition, Hi-Def Hydrating Powders in White and Warmth (a must for darker skins), are some of the softest powders out there.

The Mehron Makeup Celebre Pro HD concealer has 16 shades, divided into 4 color families: Light, Medium, Medium Dark and Dark. The formulation is enriched with Aloe, Pomegranate and Vitamin E. Mehron is a Pro line with a broad collection of tools, body paints, glitters and special effects kits.

Trae Bodge is a 20 year beauty industry veteran who, in addition to being a freelance beauty and lifestyle journalist, consults with beauty companies on color product development and establishing brand voice.  Trae is currently at work on a series of practical beauty how-to books. Trae can be reached at