+ What can BeautyEdge do for my company and new product development needs?

  • BeautyEdge, LLC brings new ideas and innovation to cosmetic product development by ensuring that the latest technologies and ingredients are formulated into the finished product. Our goal is to provide a “sensoround” experience to the products so that customers enjoy using them, thus ensuring that they sell well. Our consulting company delivers the expertise and the edge to create specialized beauty products and brands from concept to market. The power of technology and the intrigue of customized cosmetics is the platform that makes BeautyEdge innovative.

+ I only need a little expert advice and not a full Product Development project undertaking. How can BeautyEdge help?

BeautyEdge is available for conference calls at a 1 hour minimum billed basis. This is ideal for new companies just starting out who are not quite sure of the benefits of employing a Product Development Consultant. We can answer questions like; Where do I start? What are current beauty/lifestyle trends? How do I determine how many products to launch?

+ My company has a Product Development team in place. How can BeautyEdge work with this team?

We understand that many companies have in-house Product Development, Marketing and R&D teams in place. Yet, time-lines, dead-lines and unexpected set backs require short-term help on projects. BeautyEdge can work in support of or along side your in-house team and can focus on specific needs such as new technology research, aesthetic development, color matching, fact sheet writing and claims development. Please review our menu of services, Ala Carte Section to review the individual services BeautyEdge can provide. Further explanations of services are available by contacting info@beautyedgeinc.com

+ How does BeautyEdge stay on top of trends?

We research and review information from many sources to stay current on trends. We are continually updated on new technology and raw material launches from our global raw material suppliers; we attend specialized beauty industry conferences; we belong to trend and industry groups like "Trends" networking group, CEW Product Development Learning Communities and the New York Chapter of Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

+ How can BeautyEdge help my Product Development, Marketing and R&D “blue sky” expert teams with new product ideas?

BeautyEdge can come in to meet with you to review your company's product development goals, meet with each associate on your teams, compile their ideas, and then facilitate a brainstorm session to build on the ideas of the teams. As a company, you receive an enhanced focused approach to the development of your Product Development calendar with collaborative agreement from the teams...because everyone is involved in and contributes to the process, your teams receive the benefit of a great team building experience.

+ What are these “specialized industry conferences” that BeautyEdge reviews and how do they benefit my company?

The conferences BeautyEdge attends are the selective, more niche conferences that are held in the U.S. throughout the year. Think "indie" conferences. The attended conferences range from Medi-spa and Spa services, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery to cosmetic Color application. We provide a paid subscription e-review called OnTheEdge which is e-mailed to you 5 times per year with bonus materials. The benefit to your company of subscribing to OnTheEdge is to capture current trends and trends in their infancy without utilizing your own precious time and expense to attend these conferences. You can apply the information gained from the e-reviews to your day to day business by editing your current line-up of product launches, better meet consumer use demands and have a first hand look on what's coming down the pike based on the presentations, products, technologies and trends we see.

+ Can BeautyEdge provide a customized review for depth and focus with a specific goal geared toward my company’s needs?

We can certainly provide a more in-depth summary of the conferences, interpret the trends we see and provide an abstract and presentation for your company. Contact Cherie@beautyedgeinc.com for details

+ My company is a raw material vendor. How can I benefit from BeautyEdge’s services?

Having worked on the client side of the industry, we know how to present raw materials to Marketing Product Development teams. We can take your featured materials and create concepts for you to present to your clients. It saves time for you and saves time for your clients. Your clients are more apt to understand the technology better presented in a full concept rather than a technology presented with scientific verbiage and lots of clinical charts. Contact info@beautyedge.com for an example.