BE attended The Makeup Show NYC on May 17th-18th and learned the latest trends in blush... With the summer months approaching, what looks better than a glowing complexion, so we decided to ask the experts the best ways to blush.


When we get embarrassed, excited or aroused, the blood vessels directly under the facial skin enlarge allowing for a greater amount of blood flow to the skin. The result is a natural looking flush, one that make-up artists, make-up users and make-up manufacturers try hard to emulate with a variety of blush shades and formulas. Ever notice the rosy glow of a child playing outside, the pretty warmglow on your cheeks when someone special whispers in your ear or the natural flush you get when you laugh? That perfect color makes us look youthful, natural and fresh and that's what can be achieved with the proper blush.

THE COLOR EDGE: The Importance of Blush


Many women skip blush all together which is one of the biggest beauty mistakes according to the pros at the makeup show. Nothing makes a woman look more radiant than the right application of blush. Blush adds warmth, brightness and a natural-looking glow to the complexion just as blushing the natural way does.

Why then do so many women skip the blush step during makeup application? The myriad of formulas textures and shades leave some women bewildered, while the proper way to apply blush trips others up. But no worries - with the help of our friends at The Makeup Show, BE brings to you some foolproof tips and tricks on perfect blush application.



Pressed Powder Blush has come a long way since the days of Dallas and Dynasty when a mauve colored stripe of blush lined the faces of many an 80's super-model. While powder blush used to offer a flat one-dimensional color that was hard to blend and lookedunnatural, today's powder blushers often contain several colors swirled or baked together. According to the pros at MAC, the result is a more natural looking cheek color that adds dimension and reflects light imparting a glow like nature intended. Pressed powder blush works great over liquid or mineral foundation and can work for all skin types. For the most natural just flushed look, look for a pressed mineral blush, ‘baked' technology or a compact containing complementary colors that can be blended together. Swirl powder blush over the apples of the cheek and then sweep up to the hairline and blend.


Loose Mineral Blush offers the benefits of good for your skin minerals while adding luminosity to skin. The MakeUp Experts at the makeup show suggested mixing 2 colors toachieve a glow that best mimics a natural flush and added that using a bit of pink on top of a bronze shade really gives the most natural sun-kissed look. When going for the bronze look, do remember to brush a bit of blush along the jaw line, forehead and the bridge of your nose, places where the sun naturally kisses your skin.

Cream Blush can be perfect for dry skin and for those looking for a dewy fresh finish. Our friends at Stila say the key here is to blend well to avoid a heavy look. And the pinker/rosier the shade the better to stay on the apple of the cheeks or risk looking like a baked lobster.

Gel or Blush Tints are perfect for oily skin and great for use on bare skin. The pros at Smashbox warn that these formulas tend to dry quickly so you'll have to blend quickly to avoid a blotchy stain, but when done correctly, your skin looks as if it is glowing from within. These blushes do give a pop of color to the cheek but since they are translucent, the look is clean and natural.

Too much flush? - don't worry the experts at Youngblood shared this tip with us If you applied too much, just dust a bit of translucent powder to tone down the color.

So ladies, this season don't skip the blush - summer is a great time to flaunt gorgeous radiant skin enhanced by just the right blusher.