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THE PLASTIC EDGE: Plastic Surgery Procedures


Ethnicity Ownership: With a rise in ethnic reconstructive requests, the Surgeon’s goal  is to reconstruct features that fit the face without a change to the ethnicity.

P.U.L.L. stands for Pubic Undermining Lift and Liposuction.  Need we say more?!!

Male Appeal: Men are requesting cosmetic procedures with different outcomes based on age.. Mature Men are more accepting of plastic surgery and want to look younger, different  and rejuvenated.

Young Men request procedures to look refreshed but don’t want to look different.

Healthy Looks: Individuals experience “facial wasting” from diets, exercise and healthy living. This healthy living creates fat loss and hollows in the face making the face look older than the body. The key to facial rejuvenation is to add  fillers and minor lifts that add more volume and fullness to selected areas of the face.

Wellbeing: Savvy Plastic Surgeons are jumping in on the “well-being” trend, offering nutraceuticals, herbal medicines, organics, and nutritional supplements to their patients.

» Fallek Plastic Surgery» VIDEOjug

THE INNOVATION EDGE: New Products and Techniques


Liquid Hair Laser: Epilar This two-step system is an innovative way to significantly remove unwanted hair without the high cost of laser procedures. Trypsin, which breaks down proteins, is featured as part of the active formula.  Two patent pending gels are used and massaged into the skin after waxing.  First the inhibitor gel, then the activator gel are applied.  The formulas work in the hair follicle to help eliminate hair and prevent it from returning.   Expect at least a 20% reduction of hair regrowth after each treatment. » Epilar


Osmosis: Pur Medical SkinCare made an introduction at the conference featuring natural and chirally correct ingredients that work with the skin's own healing, antioxidant and remodeling processes.  Increased penetration and specially selected ingredients optimize results without irritating skin.

» Osmosis Skin Care


WhiteScience™: The Art of the Smile offers 3 innovative ways to rejuvenate your smile; Spa-White; a service treatment for spas and salons, WhiteIce; on-the-go maintenance and whitening care and SolarWhite; a unique alternative to whiten teeth using the sun’s energy.

» The Art of the Smile


Create fresh, signature skincare recipeswith an epicurean twist. “In-Spa” treatments with culinary inspiration makes you the Executive Skin Care Chef.  Choose a far away regional theme…Italy, for example,..compound freshly picked, luscious and earthy “foodie” ingredients from that province…once prepared, apply and massage gourmet treatments onto face or body with an ancestral grooming “tool” (strigel) of that country… the results? experiential journey that’s relaxing and exuberating with a little fantasy.


Il Primo infuse a Mediterranean Foot Soak with robust red wine, warm spring water, crushed herbs and essences for scent.

Il Secondo prepare a buttery, body conditioning massage with blended olive butter, natural essences and other natural oils to richly moisturize skin…once applied, the body is stroked with a Strigel* for a new soothing and exfoliating sensation. (*200 year old tool used by Greeks and Romans to scrape dirt and sweat off the body.)

Il Dolce finish with a scrumptious lip scrub, dripping with honey and blended with pulverized anise seed. » Stone Journey


Cognac infused Hair Serum:  Thinning,  over-processed, dry, brittle hair?  How about a cocktail serum using the finest of natural cognac (from oat)  known for it’s curative and powerful antioxidant benefits. Polyphenols in cognac significantly reduce the hardening of blood vessels and contribute to overall hair improvement.

» Nature Pure Store

“Fine Dining” for skin:  Supporting the “foodie” trend in skincare is Selvert Thermal making it’s way into the U.S. with a collection of anti-aging treatments.  Among the line-up of skin-benefit collections is the Delicatessen line.  The skincare list of products is presented in a restaurant style menu.

Luscious ingredients like Passion Flower, Papaya and more help moisturize, firm and create new sensations in skin care treatments.

SKIN CARE MENU of PRODUCTSStarters - Marmelade Scrub de Framboise To follow - Crème au Yaourt Hydratante To finish - Souffle Emulsion au Chocolat et Café

» Selvert Thermal

THE SENSOROUND EDGE: Sensory Experience


Bamboo Massage: A very exotic,  sensual and original technique uses various sizes of natural bamboo that are massaged on the contours of the body to help relax, drain and reshape curves.  Massage effects using bamboo are  amplified with new sensations for the customer, while the massage technique is facilitated in a creative way for the massage therapist.

» Gil Amsallem (French Site)


Holistic Healing: Chakra signifies one of seven energy centers in the body, corresponding to the seven main nerve centers which stem from the spinal column. Each of the seven main chakras reflects essential aspects of consciousness and governs our lives, loves, learning and spiritual awakening.

Abrioné offers  seven different colored chakra masks.  Choose a color that  appeals to you to bring your Chakra back in balance.

» Abrioné Cosmetics