The Makeup Show NYC - Making Your Mark: Bobbi Brown May, 2018

Who is the beauty leader that has shaped the makeup artistry industry with the makeup no-makeup look? Bobbi Brown.  She’s inspired countless women and makeup wearers all over the world and has changed the way the world sees beauty. Living a multi-dynamic lifestyle as wife, mother,  and business woman then becoming a creator, author, and activist, she’s empowered women by making makeup easy to understand.

At The Makeup Show held this week in NYC, Brown spoke to both seasoned and up-and-coming beauty specialists about life, business, and making your mark on beauty.     

In a one-hour open mic discussion, Bobbi intimately shared her life story of self-reflection, success, business, and beauty, and included current and future projects.

 Here’s her condensed #hacks and philosophies on making it in the world of beauty.

Tips to build your makeup artistry connections.

  • Networking. The word may have a negative connotation, but it’s all about relationships; they take time.
  • Be curious about people, ask questions—you never know what will happen.
  • Get some mentoring.
  • Learn by watching!
  • See agents, but leave the expectations behind.

How to gain exposure in the makeup artistry business.

  • Use Instagram or Pinterest like it’s your own magazine.
  • Let people see who you are on these social media platforms (IG, Pinterest).
  • Don’t be afraid to show what you like visually. 

What your best makeup kit should look like.   

  • It must be clean. Makeup palettes, supplies, and brushes need to be clean.
  • No clutter!  You don't need as much as you think you do. Mix, blend, improvise, and figure it out.
  • Browns are essentials.  You don't need 15 shades of brown, you need one good one.

Key products to keep in your kit.

  • The basics. 
  • Foundation pallet.  
  • Perfect brown pencil/shadow; you can mix it.
  • Shine, shimmer, sparkle.

What about trends?

  • Trends come and go ... it's great to not do the same thing every day.
  • It’s not trends that matter but how you incorporate them. 
  • What is your version of the trend?  Communicate that.

When seeking inspiration.

  • Stay curious.
  • Look at other areas.
  • Watch movies for ideas. 
  • Read. Learn about makeup artists in the 80s and 90s.

How to get un-stuck.

  • It will get hard. Look at what you can do, not what you can’t do.
  • If it’s a financial issue, there are things you can do. Be resourceful and look for something else to do. (Bobbi worked in a salon during downtime.)
  • Exercise and eat foods that are good for you.
  • When having a bad moment,  you’re probably exhausted—take a break. Take an emotional break.

Wellness suggestions.   

  • Water! Drink lots of it, and no coffee consumption in the afternoon. 
  • Get oxygen in your body.  Exercise every day, even if it’s for only 20 minutes.  
  • Consider the foods you put in your body: Fuel your body properly.  

How to do business and still be present as a mom. 

  • It’s not easy, but it is doable.
  • Remember, the power you have as mom is amazing.
  • Don't stress if you don't get enough sleep on a particular night, because you'll sleep well the next night! 
  • You can’t do everything. Prioritize. Decide what you can keep and what you can let go of.
  • Whatever goes through your mind at night, write it down and look at it in the morning.

Bobbi’s approach to writing books.

  • Collect photos first then write the book.
  • Have an idea. 
  • Have an outline. 
  • Have photos. 
  • You can have a publisher or not.

What Bobbi looks for when hiring. 

  • Good energy.
  • Easy person.
  • People that are nice.

Bobbi’s secret path to success?  

  • She didn’t have one!  But don't overthink it, keep doing it (what you like), with one foot in front of the other.
  • Believe! Bobbi’s approach: "Never think something is not going to work out." 

Bobbi’s Words of Wisdom.

  • "Be yourself" first; give yourself permission to be who you are.
  • Insecurity is normal. You may get insulted; just go on. You can’t absorb negative energy from other people. 
  • Be nice to everyone.
  • Be open to the world—you never know what comes out of anything. 

About The Makeup Show NYC
The Makeup Show is owned and produced by Metropolitan Event & Production and travels from LA, NYC, Chicago, Dallas, and Orlando. Bringing each destination over 60 beauty brands, and unique convergence of artists and community, where beauty professionals are sure to find an artistic energy that will inspire any beauty buff, from the passionate beginner to the seasoned professional.  The show provides a unique experience for the makeup professional to network directly from the best in the business. You can also stay up to date on the hottest show news on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Cherie Buziak is the owner of product development firm BeautyEdge LLC, a beauty product development and advisory consultancy that helps companies bring products to market with speed, creativity, and impact. Expert services range from start to finish product development, brand strategy, marketing, leveraging best in class technology, trends, and advisement. Contact

IECSC: Escaping A Wrinkle In Time, MARCH, 2018

BE attended the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference (IECSC) held at the Javits Center in New York City on March 5, 2018. One of four held nationally, IECSC conferences reveal the latest treatment products and provide a first-hand education on spa, wellness and medi-spa techniques.

Sifting through hundreds of booths, educational seminars and presentations, BE found hidden themes and trends that were essential takeaways. The three major themes we saw are listed below. 

We hope you enjoy these discoveries as much as we did! Feel free to let us know your thoughts at

Top Treatment Craze

Microblading: Sparse eyebrows need some flair? Similar but less invasive than cosmetic tattooing, microblading is semi-permanent tattooing specific to the eyebrows. The pigment is applied manually, in strokes, instead of with a machine. Hair-like strokes are deposited within the natural existing brow to enhance and fill in. Why not toss the brow powder, pencil, and gel for a while and make the move to microblading?

Derma Planning: Jonesing for skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom? This physical exfoliation procedure uses a sterile surgical scalpel to gently shave the skin's surface, removing dead cells along with fine vellus hair (aka peach fuzz). If done properly, expect to see instant improvement in skin smoothness, tone and texture. Why go for derma planning? Procedures like this not only smooth everything over but also claim to help skin care ingredients and technologies perform better.

 TheWrinklesEdge: Healthy looking skin

Want to smooth the happy lines and crinkles from a crazy late night? Or, maybe natural aging, sun damage, gravity and side sleeping have added some undesirable creases to your delicate facial silhouette? Brands like SILC SKIN and SioBeauty are growing in popularity with quick, easy and safe ways to reduce lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté -- with no downtime. The magic is in the high-grade medical silicone pads used to treat areas overnight. These high-tech pads create an occlusive environment and a collagen producing action that plumps and irons over rippled skin, both immediately and over time.     

SioBeauty left image.                                                                                                                                                         SILC SKIN right image.

Bonus claims from SioBeauty: Clinical and consumer testing showed measurable results in smoothing and revitalizing treated areas. 

SioBeauty Claims:
·       Clinically proven to smooth wrinkles overnight and over time.
·       Overnight - Nearly 90% of women tested felt their skin was smoother and softer the next morning.
·       Overnight - 84% of women tested said their skin felt renewed and refreshed in the morning. 

Looking for advanced skin treatments? Explore LED light therapy.

DSC_0054 (2).JPG

Another approach to skin enhancement and overall increased well-being that has been gaining traction is LED light therapy or color light therapy. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.  The light waves emitted aren’t exactly ‘magical,’ but they do have the potential to heal the body and produce healthy skin.

The good news is that these treatments are pain-free, non-invasive and can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, depending on your skincare needs. We recommended that you always consult with your physician before beginning any LED treatment.

Color and wavelength information below referenced directly from LIGHTWAVE LED Therapy website:

Red light (wavelength 625nm-660nm) penetrates human tissue superficially, with approximately 80% of the energy being absorbed in the first 2cm. Red light energy has a significant effect on mitochondrial stimulation, which increases the production of ATP and in turn boosts fibroblast activity. This leads to an increase in cellular turnover, superficial circulation, and an anti-inflammatory emission.

Blue light (wavelength 405nm-450nm) provides a very superficial penetration even with a high- intensity narrowband light source. It is primarily absorbed by the epidermis of the skin. Once it is absorbed, blue light targets P. acnes by stimulating porphyrins which then produce intracellular singlet oxygen and thus inducing bacterial death.

Infrared (IR) light (wavelength 800nm – 900nm) energy penetrates tissue at a greater depth than the blue and red light. Approximately 50% penetrates to 8cm and decreases to less than 1% at 20cm (NASA study). Infrared energy is known to heat tissue and its effects are well documented for therapeutic pain management. For cosmetic applications, IR stimulates the NaK+ pump which increases cell membrane permeability; facilitating equilibrium of cellular pH, while increasing nutritional absorption and elimination of waste byproducts.

LED Treatment options:
>  Lines and wrinkles
>  Pigmentation
>  Scars
>  Inflammation/Rosacea
>  Loose skin on specific areas of the body like abdomen, neck or upper chest.
>  Acne, mild to moderate.
>  Psoriasis/Eczema
>  Therapeutic pain management

Another treatment new to the category is TLI (Topical Light Infusion) from the company LIGHTWAVE LED Therapy. TLI differs from LED because it safely allows topicals to be applied to the skin during treatment. TLI’s active facial infusion systems are designed to combine colors of light and photo energy with topicals to directly improve the skin.

That’s it for now! Keep a lookout for our next EdgeNotes review and feel free to share this post.

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NY NOW: The Artisan Age, February 2018

BeautyEdge visited the NY NOW show in New York City's Javits Center. This annual convention features U.S. and global-based manufacturers, exhibitors, and distributors who preview the latest trends in the Home, Lifestyle and Handmade categories. At this year’s show over 2,300 suppliers revealed a “first look” at the products consumers will be craving in 2018, from personal care to baby fashions, stationery to home goods. 

Come along with us as we bring you a high-level snapshot of the exciting creations we discovered at the show.


>>  Customization: A big emphasis on making things “special” with custom designs and artful accents. As seen on beautifully finished handbags, delicately crafted jewelry, and carefully paper-wrapped gift soaps, to name just a few. 
>>  Artisan: Handcrafted and globally curated items sourced from the world’s most indigenous areas. Featured were exotic materials, such as animal horns, fashioned into exquisite jewelry, and intertwining precious silk and gold overlays that nestled gems, giving haute couture baubles a bold new look.
>>  Wellness:  Centered on the newest antidotes for stress.  Therapeutic remedies like essential oils infused within stress-relief modalities, decorative balancing crystals, and collections of stress-releasing rag dolls spanned the exhibition aisles. 
>>  Rainbows:  Growing up and moving on from unicorns and glitter. Watch for a more sophisticated palette of rainbow hues in home goods, furnishings, and accents.  
>>  Feathers:  Elegant, soft, sexy. Feathers were aflutter on all kinds of apparel from bow ties to fun handbags, and on artistic home furnishings like decorative wall pieces.  

The CustomEdge: Being unique!

All images by cherie buziak

Moonglow® - Every moment has a moon!   

Have you ever experienced a moment so beautiful, heart stopping, jaw dropping, or incredible that you wanted to bottle it, to relive over and over again? Moonglow® jewelry features a picture of the moon phase on the date of your special moment to eternalize that time forever.  

A memory of love, joy, strength or even sadness can be captured in moon phase personalized jewelry.

Visit and see how to create your Moonglow® moment in three simple steps:   
1.    Choose your design.
2.   Customize your moon phase by adding the month, day and year of the event.
3.   Enjoy the memory with your customized jewelry!

TheArtisanEdge:  Beyond Homemade

Who better to introduce Artisan business to a vast audience of consumers than Amazon? 
Amazon Handmade is a separate store on the site where your products appear alongside other hand-crafted items for customers to browse, discover, and shop.

With a booth right outside of the Artisan showroom hall, Amazon Handmade welcomed artisans to register their business to see if their goods qualified to be sold on the site.

Image by Cherie Buziak

Curious about the qualification process? BeautyEdge LLC registered on-site in a five-minute interview. An email arrived two days later from Amazon Handmade. The outcome? We’re continuing conversations. 😊

Interested to see if your business qualifies for Amazon Handmade?  Be prepared to answer questions like these during the application process: 

> What is your business name, address, email, phone number? 
> What is your primary product category?
> What item/s will you sell? 
> What is the process for making the product/s? 
> How many people work for you? Companies with employees over 20 people will not qualify.
> Do you sell in additional product categories?
> How many different products do you offer in your primary category?
> Where do you typically sell your product/s? 
> Do you have clear images of your product/s?
> What is your product development process?

More Inspirations....Striking collectibles from artisan jewelers, clockwise from left: Necklaces made of animal horns, oystershell earrings, golden threaded silk over tumbled stones create a fashionable wearable. 

All images by Cherie Buziak

The WellnessEdge: Facing Stress

image by cherie buziak

Pinch Me Therapy Dough – Who doesn’t remember the days of playing with dough -- whether a homemade flour and water mixture made with mom in the kitchen, or rolling out wiggly worms in Pre-K, or ‘cooking’ plates of fake spaghetti with the famous Play-Doh?

Now for the stressed-out adults we’ve become, there’s Pinch Me Therapy Dough. Designed to expose our senses to different smells, colors and textures and ultimately, help us relax. This unique product capitalizes on the idea that touch is a well-known holistic stress reduction tool that can be used anytime, anywhere. 

With its essential oils and calming colors, Pinch Me Therapy Dough has turned a childhood memory into a ‘celebrity status’ stress treatment that even landed in the gift bags at the recent American Music Awards. 

Providing a purifying release of muscle tension, the dough naturally creates a redirection of focus from the mind to the hand where any tension can be squished and released. Extra bonus: The soft aromas were individually selected based on their calming effects.

More Inspirations....….Crystals for balance and Dammit! Dolls to beat stress…literally!

all images by cherie buziak

The FeatherEdge:  Plumy and delicate!

Feathers showed off their sensual allure in a variety of colors. From home design to stylish accessories, like bows and evening bags, feathers create new and playful textures and tones.  

all images by cherie buziak

The RainbowEdge: Catching colors

What’s at the end of your rainbow? No longer referencing unicorns, rainbows in muted and sophisticated pairings were sprinkled throughout all the home furnishings, lifestyle, personal care and artisan showroom floors.

all images by cherie buziak

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The Edge On: Living Joyfully

Which lifestyle has elevated into a higher quest of being?  Joy., sharing, being, and loving joyfully within our homes, and living well there.

BeautyEdge stumbled upon a newly launched East Coast lifestyle store named PIRCH.  We won’t share everything that we saw there here in this post - we’ll let that experience be a mystery to be discovered by you.  We will share that this model/presentation of a lifestyle store offers an inspirational think-tank for product development, retail, branding,  marketing and living joyfully.

What are the expressions of joy that we seek?

Stimulating the senses … touching … feeling … dreaming … connecting…experiencing … hoping … engaging …. off-lining.  In escaping our lack of joy and anxieties, we seek to relax in our own space, to entertain in our homes, the hub of our lives, with neighbors, family, and friends.

We delight in story telling about our lives, creating memories and events within our own “at home supper club” or "spa-connection," and being comforted in the joy of it all with an element of surprise.

What is Living Joyfully?
·       loving
·       connecting - sharing intimately
·       balancing self-comfort with community building
·       self-expressing/creating
·       experiencing life visually and texturally

Would you like to bring an experience of joy to your product development concepts or learn more about product development for your brand?  Contact me to schedule a 20 minute complimentary consultation to talk through your goals at  Check out our site




The Edge on Tropical Trends 7/2015


It’s mid-summer – that means adventure and travel! 

At BeautyEdge, we mixed in a little inspirational exploration to our travels of the shimmery white sands, and electric blue waters of the Caribbean!

Where did we land?  A Perfume Factory!  Check out our tropical journey in the video below.  

We were welcomed by a cozy porch upon arrival to this quaint, pink seashell colored building.  Greeting us were familiar names of raw materials, like English lavender, jasmine, coconut, amber and roses.

Once inside the inner workings of this island gem, beachy décor accented the retail displays as the guide explained what made their fragrance blends unique. A quick tour took us through laboratory spaces where oils are compounded and stainless steel mixing vats blended choice perfumery materials.

The finished juice is presented in decorative bottles with whimsical names drawn from the fragrant Bahamian life: Bahama Blue, Goomba, Island Promises and Pink Pearl to name a few.  Base notes of vanilla, light cream and amber in some of the creations offer a comforting Caribbean twist seasoned with peach, plum and coconut.    

We couldn’t walk away without purchasing a little something for ourselves, and, of course, a little treat for our newest canine addition, Checkers.  What was her treat?  Bahama Mama pet fragrance, fitting for a female Boston terrier!  A little spray on her sleeping pod lulls her into a dreamy wonderland and softens her fur at the same time.

How does a trip to a perfume factory in the Caribbean offer inspiration?  By offering insight into current trends.  According to Janice Hart, Sr. Manager, Bell Flavors & Fragrances, “We see a trend with our customers wanting to use more essential oils in their fragrances. - Customers are demanding purity and simplicity of pure essential oils.”

Cynthia Keeting, Global Account Executive at CosmoInternational Fragrances contends that  “ fragrance trends in personal care are exploding with scents centered around coconut - widely used in products positioned for moisturization, damage repair for hair,    adding luster, promoting scalp/skin health and stimulating hair growth. Other hot trends:  tropical/sunny island concept fragrances based on seaweed, hibiscus, passion fruit, guava and Brazilian citrus.”  

When thinking about your next product launch, what type of experience can you offer your customer? -  Need inspirational help creating that memorable product for your brand? Contact  and check out our site at  view the “InnerEdge” tab to see what we’re up to!

NY NOW, Let's Get Happy! 2/2014

BeautyEdge visited the NY NOW show in New York City's Jacob Javits Center.

Some of you may be asking, “What is NY NOW?”  From our point of view, it is a tremendous collection of U.S. and global-based manufacturers, exhibitors, and distributors with commercialized products that range from personal care to baby clothes, stationary to home goods. The exhibitors provide “first look” exposure to new launches along with their full brand line-ups that are available for retail sales in various selling channels.

Key Trends:

>>Though living green and sustainability are becoming more of a lifestyle than a trend, we continue discovering new ways to use our resources wisely and safely.

>>Strong evidence in men’s luxury personal care was apparent, along with the need and clear message to love others and ourselves, to celebrate, to indulge in the little things and enjoy happiness.

While many trends themed throughout the show, we chose happiness as a grounding point.  We won’t claim to know the answer to everlasting happiness at BeautyEdge, but we do know that as humans we seek an experience, whether inside or outside of ourselves, to which we can say, ”That makes me happy!”

Take a look at what we saw at NY NOW!


TheHappyEdge: fun products

eco-kids®  launched 2008

Although they have been around since 2008, Kip and Cammie Weeks continue to bring fun, creativity, and a breath of fresh air to a lineup of 13 eco-kid products, including molding dough, crayons, finger paints, and egg-coloring kits. The company began with a recipe for molding dough that Cammie Weeks’ mom made for her as a child. After incorporating natural ingredients into the recipe, the dough was named eco-dough. With the slogan “creative play the natural way,” eco-kids’ products are developed with non-toxic natural ingredients and packaged with environmentally friendly supplies from around the United States.

Bead Bottle™ launching Spring 2014


Bead Bottle is a distinctive and creative product that was designed to honor important memories and milestones in life. From family vacations to special friendships to personal mantras, Peyote Bird has developed numerous stores that appeal to a wide range of customers. Each bead bottle contains various semi-precious stones, as well as metal charms, glass beads, and leather cording, accompanied by two lobster closures to make one necklace and one bracelet.  A story card with simple instructions is provided with each purchase and includes a QR-code to YouTube videos for additional information.

Buff-Her House of Exfoliation launched May 2013

The time spent with these three sisters and founders—Regina, Cheryl, and Stephanie—was delightful. They are all experts in natural skin remedies, and two of the sisters are aestheticians. We’re happy to hear that, because it is particularly important to understand how a product works on skin and what to look for performance-wise during and after use. Buff Her House of Exfoliation is a collection of exfoliating facial scrubs made from organic and naturally grown fruits and vegetables. According to the company, these gentle exfoliants will restore your skin’s natural and radiant beauty with nature’s help! Their goal is to provide women with a natural way to exfoliate by using all-natural and organic foods. Each shaker is claimed to provide two hundred exfoliating applications, and can be used mixed with water, or added to your favorite cleanser!

Final thoughts: As colleagues in marketing, product development, and trend seekers, explore with us these new ideas!  Let's use these infusions of inspiration as stepping stones creating happiness for our consumers while designing a better world of products.  

Need help creating a Happy or Experiential beauty care product or brand with an edge?  Connect with BeautyEdge LLC at   We’re also available for category analysis to identify the white space for your new product or brand.


What's New? That's the million-dollar question in a multi-billion dollar industry! The answer? It's out there, if you look for it (wink, wink!). Here's a start. BE attended MakeUp in New York, a first time U.S. event held in the wake of the success of MakeUp in Paris. Answers to "what's new?" were found at this two day trade show.

Beauty industry leaders had the opportunity to engage in firsthand conversations with suppliers, manufacturers, designers and trend forecasters. Innovative makeup ingredients, formulas, packaging, full-service development and design ideas were shared. Visionaries could walk away with fresh concepts to enhance and complete the coming year's product development and marketing calendars.

Here's a quick look at what's new.

THE ARTIST'S EDGE: Cosmetic Innovations



EVE PEARL®, International Luxury Brand of Makeup presented their full line up of "good for your skin" color cosmetics enhanced with advanced nutrient technology.

The latest launch from EVE PEARL® is High Definition Liquid Foundation. Developed in 9 shades from fair to deep, this lightweight, layerable foundation builds from sheer to full coverage. For light coverage, apply with a damp facial sponge. For full coverage apply with a foundation make up brush or finger tips. Works for face and body.

The technology across all of Eve's formulations is CosmeNutrients®, a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, proteins, peptides and anti-oxidants. The powerful anti-oxidant, Astaxanthin derived from sea algae is formulated into all of the cream formulas. Packed with Omega-3, it provides anti-inflammatory properties and has been found to be more powerful than Vitamin E for protection against lipid peroxidation within the skin.

HD Liquid Foundation Claims:

paraben free oil free water free petrolatum free mineral oil free fragrance free cruelty to animals free

EVE PEARL® is Makeup with Skincare for Every Complexion…at Every Age.

Mascara Plus, a contract manufacturer based near Milan, Italy introduced an innovative lash formulation to their specialized line up of mascara formulas and brushes.

WaterProof Glaze! is a semi-transparent, extra water proof, lash gel. Apply it to bare lashes as a top-coat for a natural glossy-lash look or apply it over a favorite mascara to make it waterproof. WP Glaze solves the problem of developing a volumizing mascara formulation with waterproof benefits. The secret; apply a favorite volumizing mascara to lashes then coat with WP Glaze for water-resistant, full, long, lush looking lashes.




Arcade Marketing, a preeminent provider of sampling solutions to the world’s leading beauty, fragrance and skin-care brands introduced a number of new sampling methods. Their creative designs and manufacturing options help to promote specific product needs for sampling or retail sell through.

BeautiPod™, available in two designs with a 1.5 gram fill weight.  1.) A round shaped sampling pouch or 2.) A streamlined, rectangular shaped pouch -  Both hold viscosities that range from thinner serums to creamy foundations and are ideal for sample hand outs at counter, direct selling pieces, magazine inserts or sold as travel sized products.

ShowerPods are planned to launch this Fall.  These water-resistant sampling units were designed with a convenient hook feature to hang-in-the-shower for ease of use.  A 5 or 10 ml. fill weight provides 2-3 applications of product.  Great for  business, overnight or weekend travel.  

ColorFixations are single trial samples that get customers fixated on your cosmetic color line up.  Not only are they great for color sampling, they are fun to use.  The peel off backing of the sample allows interchangeable colors to be applied to an in-store swatch sheet at the beauty counters so that customers can take the recommended shades home to use on eyes, cheeks and lips.


A favorite of Marine Ravera's, marketing assistant at Arcade, is deluxe PowdaSilk™.  Thesample system features a deluxe puff and powder foundation..  Fused together as one sample, the sponge applicator is on one side and the powder foundation or bronzer is on the other side of the sample. Different textures of powder puff applicators are available.

Livcer - First time exhibiting in the U.S., this French company is the leader on Thermoformed sampling technology.  Brand awareness is increased with this style of component sampling and studies reveal that 30% more customers will use and test samples that provide multiple use application versus a simple peel back, one time use packette.

livcer U.S. Agent - SGB packaging group. Contact: Shoshana GIBLI  phone 201 488 3030

LipsKit ® launched this year and is a cost effective, direct fill sample system in an ultra thin resealable case.  Since there is no need to create a mold with Thermoform technology, the lip formulas are hot poured directly into the sampling component molds.  There is plenty of room on the package for branding and marketing copy.  It's convenient, modern and easy for the customer to use and understand.

ColorKit® launched just 3 months ago. The sample system provides ample amounts of color foundation or concealer and is accompanied by a sponge applicator.

3 advantages of the Color Kit®:


Innovative: Safety and ecological concerns were the main criteria for development. The built-in compartment case is filled directly with the product and fitted with a protective cap,thereby presenting shades attractively while ensuring product safety. Color Kit is entirely recyclable in keeping with their  sustainable development policy.   Practical: Color Kit is ultra-slim, resealable, contains one or more compartments (foundation and concealer, for example) and comes with a sponge. Color Kit is a smaller, bona fide makeup palette which offers a wide number of customization and decoration possibilities. It’s perfect for carrying in your purse, on the weekend or for short trips and respects customs and airline regulations and norms.   Economical: Color Kit is cost-effective while guaranteeing a high-quality brand image. It can be positioned as a loss leader in your product catalogue thanks to its affordable price and as an introduction to your product range in the launch or relaunch phase.  


A favorite is the multi-color lip pallete sampling pack.  Three lip color textures are sampled and there is plenty of room on the package to add branding, market copy and the line extension colors.


Topline Products is a leading manufacturer of innovative beauty packaging and turnkey solutions. With locations in North America, Europe and Asia, Topline provides a truly global service offering packaging engineering, injection/blow molding, metal fabrication, product formulation, filling and assembly, supply chain management and R&D. Renowned for award winning design, Topline has been granted over 50 utility patents.


In-Mold Labeled, Injection Molded Tube. Topline has created a strategic alliance with Viva Healthcare, an international manufacturing force, to bring this revolutionary tube to the market place providing the ultimate in decorated tubes.  In-Mold label tubes provide a full color image from a tubed component's shoulder to crimp.  The result, an immediate on-shelf product impact to the customer.  The tube and label are molded at the same time creating an encapsulated label that reduces component scuffing and eliminates label peeling.

The advantages of In-Mold labeled tubes:

It's Green:  Materials have a recycling code of 5.

It's Cost effective:  The component manufacturing run is faster and less expensive because it is a single processes.

It's Vibrant:  Photographic imaging can provide up to 8 colors with or without metallic effects.



MiniTreats! Need a mid-day mini treat? Try a flavored lip balm dispensed from a propel-repel miniature ice cream pint component.   Double Tubing!  Two tubes are better than one! The technology fill and component are breakthrough features for this lip gloss.  Swirled gloss fills the inner tube and gloss boost fills the outer tube.  High color intensity is applied to lips from the inner tube glosses and  booster gloss formula in the outer tube offers a 3-d volume effect.   Triple Swirled Lip Gloss!  Triple the swirl means triple the fun!  Triple technology provides a 3-dimensional visual and a tri-color application of gloss to lips.   Two colored glosses are intertwined with a clear gloss booster that provides a tri-color application of high shine and volume to lips.


Genealogy, LLC a full service Product Design House, located in Hackensack, New Jersey, opened its doors three years ago to provide full service product development from concept to finished product.  The unique advantages of Genealogy is their boutique-like approach for cosmetic product development by providing branding, marketing and business planning support along with manufacturing capabilities of volumes up to 100k.

The beauty of Genealogy is its relationships with multiple manufacturers, which enables them to match the formula to the manufacturer who is best suited.  Genealogy also has close relationships with unique raw material vendors who provide them with a 'first-look' at cutting edge technologies and materials.  With speed to market at the forefront of every business, starting out with a fresh concept supported by innovative technology saves internal costs and time in the important creative phase of product development.

Three times a year Genealogy presents seasonal skincare and color collections in groupings of up to 30 product ideas.  Their latest collection "Highly Evolved Beauty" captures textures, technologies and scents from earth and sea materials creating products with a natural and experiential element


How fast can we get it?...How is this product different from what's out there already?...How do we make the story simple yet impactful?...How do we stay competitive?... The answers aren't always easy, but they are available. Suppliers, contractors and forecasters are more than happy to help seize the opportunity for innovation in this speed to market environment.  We just have to look for it!

Additional Vendors

Alkos Group, Ancorotti Cosmetics, Geka, Faber-Castell Cosmetics, Axilone Bioplan Flexpaq, B.Kolormakeup & Skincare Srl, Schwan Cosmetics, Weckerle Cosmetics, ArrowPak Baralan Int., Anisa Int. Inc., Strand Cosmetics Europe, Oekabeauty, Inca Cosmetici, Sleever Int., Bullier Sas Leonard Brushes, Bright Vision Industrial Co., Eisen GmbH, Bellwyck Packaging Solutions, DuPont Cosmetics Solutions



BE attended the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference (IECSC) held at the Javits Convention Center in New York City on March 6-8, 2011. This conference is one of three held nationally. Attendees of the IECSC conferences can expect to be exposed to the latest treatment products and a first hand education on spa, wellness and medi-spa techniques.

Sifting through hundreds of booths, brand seminars and presentations, BE found hidden themes and trends that were essential takeaways from the conference. We hope you enjoy these discoveries as much as we did! Feel free to let us know your thoughts at

*Trae is a professional makeup artist and one of the founders of the cult beauty brand, Three Custom Color Specialists. She currently provides brands with product development and brand messaging services and covers the beauty and lifestyle beat for Whaleshark Media (McClatchy, and

Top 3 Current Spa Treatment Trends presented by Bryan Durocher*

LED Treatments provides a non-invasive procedure that activates skin cells with pulses of low-level, non-thermal light energy. LED light energy helps rejuvenate aging or damaged skin.

Indigenous Signature Treatments introduces locally grown produce that are incorporated into the spa's menu. For example, in the northwestern United States, a rejuvenating berry body treatment could feature locally harvested, freshly pulverized huckleberries.

Anti-Cellulite Treatments are highly popular in Europe and reducing cellulite is a top concern treated with various applications like ultra-sound, caffeine wraps and expanding modalities to address the adipose tissue.

Top Consumer Trends 

Transumers - Think of creating memories and experiences for customers. The shift is from consumer to transumer. They want something they can reminisce about.

Premiumization - Think of big ticket items and the next step above luxury. Spa goers are paying premium prices for medi-spa treatments; they want the premium products to extend the treatment results.

SnackCulture - Think of instant gratification. As attention spans become shorter and shorter consumers look for 15 minute services. Offer In and Out treatments specific to targeted areas like eyes, lips or specific skin concerns.

Tryvertising - Think of the power of groups. People go where there is a crowd, Pop Up kiosks are on the rise. People want to experience the product. People are willing to come in and try something but are not locked into specific advertising for the specific product introduction.

Time Compression - Think of no time to talk, text, facebook, early to rise, late to bed. People want at-home time saving products, the quicker the better; 5 minute regimens.

Status Skills - Think exclusivity. It's much more exclusive than mass luxury brands. It's not Chanel, not Vuitton. Consumers want something unique that is not easily attained. Offer Limited Edition or anniversary items.

*Bryan Dourocher is the author of Wakeup Live the Life You Love in Beauty, an expert for Health Journal TV, Life and Leisure TV, and contributor to NBC South Florida Today and the founder of Durocher Enterprises. Bryan was named in 2008 one of the "Top 20 People to Know in the Beauty Industry" by Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine.

THE INNER EDGE: Holistically Cleansed


Spring Clean your Mind and Skin with PhytoEnergy.Celmonze (Paris) just launched their Holistic Beauty Wellness brand in the United States. This 30 year old company is dedicated towards breakthrough skin discoveries and innovation is key with multi-dimensional formulas for every beauty need.

For over-stressed and undernourished skin, Celmonze's extraordinary Exotic PhytoEnergy treatment helps onboth inner well-being and outer radiance giving the body and soul rejuvenation. This total mind and skin treatment is enriched with effective ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba and Panax Ginseng.

The four color Exotic PhytoEnergy Treatment includes:
  • Red Therapy to energize skin, promote a positive and strong mind and recharge the spirit.
  • Orange Therapy to enhance a youthful skin and to promote a happy and bright mind with a cheerful spirit.
  • Green Therapy to detox skin, soothe and calm the mind and to create a harmonious spirit.
  • Purple Therapy to relieve irritated skin, ease and inspire the mind and to liberate the spirit.
  • Mind, soul and spirit are well relaxed.
  • Potent herbal extracts revive skin’s defense and immune systems.
  • Herbal oils erase tired lines leaving skin smooth and supple.


Rhonda Allison from PCA states that hyperpigmentation is the most common concern to skin of color, referencing studies showing that up to 86% of ethnic women struggle with this issue.

The 3 most common forms of hyperpigmentation and recommended treatments:

1. UV induced hyperpigmentation: Discoloration caused by sun exposure. Treatment: sun protection.

2. Hormonally induced hyperpigmentation (melasma): Skin affected by melasma, or a discoloring of the skin, contains increased melanin, melanocytes and melanosomes. Treatment: products with exfoliating or brightening properties.

3. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH): This is the result of any type of inflammation. This is most commonly acne-related and displays significantly more inflammation in Ethnic skin than in Caucasian. Treatment: anti-acne products

About PCA Skin: A leading clinical skin care company in the development of professional chemical peels and advanced topicals for nearly 20 years, PCA SKIN was the first cosmeceutical company to provide scientifically researched daily care products and professional treatments to the medical and clinical aesthetics markets.

THE 24/7 EDGE: It's Beautiful


For round the clock skin care,Mark Lees' latest intro's feature a duo set of super hydrators infused with ceramides. One for day and one for night.

A Beautiful Day is a state-of the art lipid-infused moisturizer for dry and dehydrated skin and is enhanced with protective SPF-30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. It's wonderful silky feel is perfect to be worn alone or used under makeup.

A Beautiful Night is a moisture replenishing treatment to be used at night for dry skin and is infused with lipids, hydrators and antioxidants. Skin wakes up more hydrated, smooth and younger looking.

Mark Lees, Ph.D., M.S. an award-winning speaker and product developer, is one of the country's most noted skin care specialists and has been quoted and interviewed by Glamour, Shape, Teen, Self, The Miami Herald, The Associated Press, and NBC News. Mark specializes in acne and aging skin, and is the author of Skin Care: Beyond the Basics.



How does a man maintain his youthful appearance? The same way a woman does! Proper skin care starting at an early age. A balanced diet and exercise help too.

Skin care is not a RAW deal when it comes to men. RAW has a full range of skin care products specific to men's needs.What's different with men's skin? Lower pH levels, thicker skin texture, more sebum and male skin cells carry fewer antioxidants resulting in more and deeper facial lines and hyper-pigmentation.

According to RAW, men have wanted to participate in the youth revolution for years. They just didn’t have the green light from the world of ‘macho’. An acceptable attitude of using skincare combined with a “being cool” identity has been taking place with men who want to look their best. They want those few essentials that are going to produce results. The brand focuses on simplicity and created several products that pull double duty.

RAW is scientifically formulated to use the power of raw organic minerals, plants and biotech ingredients. The product range follows a Raw Skin Method of product use. A.M. products focus on benefits to restore, rebuild and protect. P.M. products focus on benefits to renew and replenish. A shave cream and an acne treatment product are in development.

Men, what's your score?

Your hair score that is! Today, hair loss and hair thinning affects an estimated 75% of all men. As clients turn to beauty professionals in the salon, spa and hair replacement industries, they want to know the status of their hair loss and if the products they are using to promote hair growth are actually working. How to achieve this? HairCheck !

What makes HairCheck technology revolutionary is that it works as the first line of defense against hair loss. It has the ability to simultaneously measure both the number of hairs per square cm. of scalp, and the diameter of those hairs and display them as a single value called the Hair Mass Index (HMI).

Hair stylists can clinically evaluate if the client’s score is moving up, indicating growth or down, indicating loss. HairCheck enables hair professionals to manage hair loss and hair breakage and can help determine if the client is shedding, thinning or balding and recommend appropriate over the counter products to help volumize hair. If the over the counter products do not achieve the level of success that is desired, the stylist can then recommend the client to see their dermatologist for a proactive verses reactive course of action against thinning hair or balding.



Beauty Expert Trae Bodge* representing BE attended The MakeUp Show in NYC.  The MakeUp Show was created and co-produced by The Powder Group and Metropolitan Pavillion.  They started the show together in 2005.  This year's show was held on May 16-17, 2010  .

Beauty tips, application techniques, artist must-haves and color technologies were shared by celebrity makeup artist Randy Mercer, Director Business Development and Artist relations for Makeup Forever, Kevin Bennett, and International Communications Director for Cover FX, Wanda Longo. 

Here's the Scoop on what she found...


by Kevin Bennett



. Start with eyes first in case there is necessary clean-up from the eye shadow or liner. You never want to disturb the concealer and foundation once they are applied. . Use shades on brides that have natural skin tones as their base. Even if you are using a pink or peach, the color should contain some level of beige so the color does not look artificial. . Use a powder in a similar shade over any liner on the eye to ensure that "if one wears off, the other will remain. A good insurance policy", says Kevin. . Highlight with a light champagne/peach tone under the eyes and along the upper cheek bone to deflect light from dark circles, and to direct attention to the center of the face. . Apply lip liner all over the lips, then coat the lips with a shimmering powder. . Activate the color with lip gloss for long lasting color.


. Use greys on a bride - with the flash of cameras, greys will inevitably make a bride look tired. . Use individual false lashes on a bride, as one may drop off over the course of the day and leave the eyes looking uneven. Strip lashes are better. Be sure to trim them so they look natural. . Use water-based foundation for brides - water-based formulations do not wear long enough. He recommends a silicone formulation as the ideal.

THE CULT EDGE: Artists' Secrets Shared


Cover FX's Wanda Longo presented a seminar addressing HD correction techniques utilizing Cover FX products.   Cover FX is a Canadian company, whose products were created in a skin clinic in Toronto to address the needs ofpatients with severe skin issues. The range consists of foundations, concealers, primers and mineral powders. The products are available in a variety of formulations for different skin types and all of their products have therapeutic benefits.

Wanda demonstrated how to cover a tattoo (or spider veins on the face or body) and provided the following tips: . Do not prime first.  Use the Cover FX concealer or a highly-pigmented concealer that is much lighter than the natural skin tone. . Pat a thin layer of concealer onto the skin with a brush or sponge. . Set with powder. Apply a thin layer of a shade that matches the skin, patting it in. Repeat if necessary. >>


Celebrity Makeup Artist Randy Mercer presented Kit Essentials: Cult Items for Every Artist's Kit on behalf of Alcone. Randy has worked on everyone from Barbra Streisand to Tina Fey. Randy's approach is "Makeup that lives well on the face and stays put".   Randy is a big fan of the faux face lift, so he demonstrated the Mark Traynor Face Isometric Beauty Band and the Traynor Face/Neck Lift tapes and bands on an older model to show how to temporarily remove years from the face.   Randy explained and demonstrated his signature "horseshoe" blush technique that makes the blush appear like the color is "coming from within the skin".

1. Apply powder blush in a horseshoe shape, the bottom of the U curving around the apples of the cheeks.

2. Fill in the U with a brighter cream blush, blend with a brush and set with powder.  

More tips and tricks:

. For long-lasting liner, use waterproof mascara with a fine brush to line the eyes - Randy's favorite is Maybelline Waterproof Great Lash.   . Use a clear vitamin stick - Randy's favorite is Mark Traynor's - blended with lip liner to create long-lasting lip color. He prefers the Visiora pencils in the nude tones.   . Apply a concealer last so it does not need to be touched up after eye shadow fallout (see Kevin Bennett's similar tip above).   . Use taupe eye shadow on everyone.   . Individual lashes are great for natural, but well-defined eyes - always set them with waterproof mascara.   . Always set makeup with powder. Randy recommends Visiora PC compact powder.   >>

THE TECHNO EDGE: Innovations in Color

Face Atelier has (literally) hundreds of products, so there is something for everyone.  Here are some of their notable problem solvers:   Lip Lock -   a clear shellac that locks in lip color. Lip Putty -  a clear balm that is used under lipstick to fill in fine lines. Transforming Gel - can be blended with any loose or pressed powder product (including shimmers), transforming it into a long lasting paint for the face or body.   >>www.faceatelier.comBeauty for Real is a new brand founded by veteran makeup artist Leslie Munsell. Beauty for Real launched with one essential lip pencil, which is for all skin tones and a collection of long-lasting plumping lip glosses that are infused with marine collagen, grape seed and green tea extracts, aloe vera and avocado oils. The glosses come equipped with a light and mirror for easy application anywhere. A new, non-smudging mascara equipped with the same handy light and mirror has also just been launched.

Youngblood is another collection with something for everyone. Youngblood is a mineral line that is known for minerals done well. They offer foundations (loose and pressed powder and liquid), mineral primer, concealer, bronzer, blush, eye shadow, the works. Their newest addition, Hi-Def Hydrating Powders in White and Warmth (a must for darker skins), are some of the softest powders out there.

The Mehron Makeup Celebre Pro HD concealer has 16 shades, divided into 4 color families: Light, Medium, Medium Dark and Dark. The formulation is enriched with Aloe, Pomegranate and Vitamin E. Mehron is a Pro line with a broad collection of tools, body paints, glitters and special effects kits.

Trae Bodge is a 20 year beauty industry veteran who, in addition to being a freelance beauty and lifestyle journalist, consults with beauty companies on color product development and establishing brand voice.  Trae is currently at work on a series of practical beauty how-to books. Trae can be reached at



BE attended The Makeup Show NYC on May 17th-18th and learned the latest trends in blush... With the summer months approaching, what looks better than a glowing complexion, so we decided to ask the experts the best ways to blush.


When we get embarrassed, excited or aroused, the blood vessels directly under the facial skin enlarge allowing for a greater amount of blood flow to the skin. The result is a natural looking flush, one that make-up artists, make-up users and make-up manufacturers try hard to emulate with a variety of blush shades and formulas. Ever notice the rosy glow of a child playing outside, the pretty warmglow on your cheeks when someone special whispers in your ear or the natural flush you get when you laugh? That perfect color makes us look youthful, natural and fresh and that's what can be achieved with the proper blush.

THE COLOR EDGE: The Importance of Blush


Many women skip blush all together which is one of the biggest beauty mistakes according to the pros at the makeup show. Nothing makes a woman look more radiant than the right application of blush. Blush adds warmth, brightness and a natural-looking glow to the complexion just as blushing the natural way does.

Why then do so many women skip the blush step during makeup application? The myriad of formulas textures and shades leave some women bewildered, while the proper way to apply blush trips others up. But no worries - with the help of our friends at The Makeup Show, BE brings to you some foolproof tips and tricks on perfect blush application.



Pressed Powder Blush has come a long way since the days of Dallas and Dynasty when a mauve colored stripe of blush lined the faces of many an 80's super-model. While powder blush used to offer a flat one-dimensional color that was hard to blend and lookedunnatural, today's powder blushers often contain several colors swirled or baked together. According to the pros at MAC, the result is a more natural looking cheek color that adds dimension and reflects light imparting a glow like nature intended. Pressed powder blush works great over liquid or mineral foundation and can work for all skin types. For the most natural just flushed look, look for a pressed mineral blush, ‘baked' technology or a compact containing complementary colors that can be blended together. Swirl powder blush over the apples of the cheek and then sweep up to the hairline and blend.


Loose Mineral Blush offers the benefits of good for your skin minerals while adding luminosity to skin. The MakeUp Experts at the makeup show suggested mixing 2 colors toachieve a glow that best mimics a natural flush and added that using a bit of pink on top of a bronze shade really gives the most natural sun-kissed look. When going for the bronze look, do remember to brush a bit of blush along the jaw line, forehead and the bridge of your nose, places where the sun naturally kisses your skin.

Cream Blush can be perfect for dry skin and for those looking for a dewy fresh finish. Our friends at Stila say the key here is to blend well to avoid a heavy look. And the pinker/rosier the shade the better to stay on the apple of the cheeks or risk looking like a baked lobster.

Gel or Blush Tints are perfect for oily skin and great for use on bare skin. The pros at Smashbox warn that these formulas tend to dry quickly so you'll have to blend quickly to avoid a blotchy stain, but when done correctly, your skin looks as if it is glowing from within. These blushes do give a pop of color to the cheek but since they are translucent, the look is clean and natural.

Too much flush? - don't worry the experts at Youngblood shared this tip with us If you applied too much, just dust a bit of translucent powder to tone down the color.

So ladies, this season don't skip the blush - summer is a great time to flaunt gorgeous radiant skin enhanced by just the right blusher.




BE attended The GlamourGals Leadership Training Institute at Helen Mills, NYC on Saturday, November 22, 2008. We spent some time with the young ladies of GlamourGals coined "GG" and the organization's founder, Rachel Doyle.

GlamourGals is a non-profit organization that brings teens and the elderly together to create smiles that span generations! The young women of GG, organize chapters throughout the U.S., make appointments to visit the senior facilities, and provide complimentary facials and makeovers to a "senior" generation of women.

During our visit, we got the scoop on this one day training and the vision of GG from Rachel Doyle. We also had a fantastic opportunity to ask questions from 105, 11-19 year old GG's about their preferred beauty products. Here they are:

GG's 6 Beauty "Favorites"

1. Favorite facial cleansing product form......Creamy Cleanser

2. Favorite, "can't live without" facial skin care product...Moisturizer with SPF

3. Favorite facial product skin care benefit.....Clears Acne

4. Favorite lip product form...Lip Gloss

5. Favorite fragrance scent....Soft Floral

6. Favorite way to purchase cosmetics...Friend's Recommendation


moisturizer with healthy skin benefits, lip balm, fruity fragrances and shopping at drugstore's were close contender favorites.

THE LEADERSHIP EDGE: Gearing Up for Success

The Leadership Training Institute

What is it?

A day centered around three key learning points.

The first is anecdotal skill building. A group of leading beauty industry panelists and speakers bring concepts and ideas to life and present real examples of how they apply communication skills. These inspirational speakers become role models for the GG volunteers.

Second, is actual presentation skills. GG works hard to make sure that a majority of the volunteers are actively participating throughout the day. For example, they introduce and thank speakers, they present ideas, give speeches or share discussions in front the group. The organization also has interactive workshops where they can take the ideas that they just learned and incorporate them with their own knowledge and style and work together as a group. These two skills; presentations and group work, are essential to the work place and their future careers.

Third, the day allows the volunteers to connect and network with one another. Meeting, sharing and working with others is important for volunteers because GG knows that volunteering can be difficult sometimes. If a girl knows that there is a network of other girls they can connect with in those situations, it will help them continue. For their future, learning to network and meet new people is important to successful business skills.

Ayana, one of the GG's, told us about how inspiring it is to make an older person smile and that it gave her an "awesome feeling". The women at the nursing homes always ask when the girls are coming back and are so grateful for the friendships that are made.


What does the future hold for GG? For almost a decade now, GG has experienced exponential growth which has doubled in size over the past couple of years. As an organization looking to create a sustainable future, GG is working on instituting programs that allows its volunteers to continually build their skills and retain its volunteers.

GG hopes to grow to 1,000 volunteers by year end 2009.


As we absorbed all of the excitement and experiences that impact the world of the GlamourGirls, we thought...What inspiration can we draw from GG and their influence on the elderly and their cosmetic favorites?

... could there be room for a modern fruity fragrance enhanced by a classic scent just waiting to be made into a GG signature fragrance?...and, perhaps a GG "cult" sheer gloss wearable by young and mature women?...let's not forget about a light moisturizer with sun protection which can be beneficial to women of all ages.

Either way, all three products would be a great success with young girls and mature women. Don't you think it's about time a cosmetic product can satisfy such a wide range of women?

To learn more about GlamourGals, please visit glamourgals.


BE attended The Make Up Show, NYC held at the Metropolitan Pavillion in NYC on May 18-19, 2008.  The only trade show for makeup professionals of it's kind, it's co-produced by Metropolitan Events & Production. 

BE arranged an exclusive interview with makeup artist James Vincent, who has worked in all mediums of make-up including magazines, runways and television. His client list includes Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, Fuse, MTV, BBC and BET.  Nylon magazine and WWD have named James as the "makeup artist to watch".

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~ Top 5 Fall/Winter 08/09 Color Cosmetic Trends - James Vincent

~ TheVisualEdge:  Innovative Color Launches

~ TheExclusiveEdge:  Make Up Artists Tips and Tricks Revealed

~ TheTexturalEdge:  Myths and Truths from leading makeup artists on Mineral Make Up, Airbrushing and HD Make Up

Latest trends, tips and color technologies were also shared by Eve Pearl, 5 time Emmy award winning, celebrity makeup artist, David Klasfeld, print, runway and film Make Up Artist CEO and Creative Director of OCC, Trae Bodge co-founder of 3 Color Custom and Lori Taylor, Pro Artistry Manager at Smashbox.

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James Vincent, Make Up Artist

Innovative Cosmetic Application Tips:
  • With face powder application, the size of brush matters! “ People have a tendency to over powder their face after foundation application.”  James recommends using a small face brush (he uses a crease brush) to finish the face and create a flawless look.
  • His favorite finishing powder?  Make Up Forever HD powder.
  • A natural looking brow is important! Use a gel liner to sketch in individual hairs.  If needed, follow with taupe shadow or pencil in the brow to create a natural look.
  • James prefers to use taupe powder followed by a pencil to line the eyes.  It offers a natural shadow and creates a softer gradation of color than lining completely with a dark black line.  It also offers a guideline to follow so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes.

OCC - Lip Tricks! Like your current day lip color, but need a little more intensity for night wear? Layer a small amount of OCC’s Tarred lip balm, a black lip base color, over your favorite day lip color to intensify the look for evening wear.



3 Custom Color - What's Old is New! Trae Bodge, Scott Catto and Chad Hayduk, the “Three” Specialists in Three Custom Color just introduced Light Brights, a lip color collection reminiscent of the 80’s dance scene.  Launched a few weeks ago, the lip colors are right on target for 2008’s Spring/Summer color season that features bold, hot, and neon-like tones.  The gleaming colors of fashion do not necessarily translate well when worn bold on skin.  Day Glo Florescents collaborated with 3 Color Cosmetics to create 4 soft, sheer, modern, playful, wearable tints. The moisturizing stains are great for all skin tones and have names that evoke the nightlife of a totally awesome decade!



Smashbox:  Look for “Wicked Lovely” color story launching for the holidays.  The color story is a smouldering smokey eye paired with a rich, dark lip color.  It’s both intense, “wicked” and luxurious, “lovely” at the same time!


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