BE visited The Spa & Resort Expo along with The Medical Aesthetics Conference in NYC, NY. This is a combined conference that covers the scope of both current spa treatments and products along with innovative medical cosmetic services. We tried new products, relaxed with the iin light laser therapy (very cool and therapuetic experience!!) and took a trend "snap-shot" delivered in this issue of OnTheEdge.

While this may not be one of the "bigger" conferences of the year, it certainly did deliver innovation and unique ideas as starter points to generate creative concepts and "out of the box" beauty options. (see TheKissingEdge) Enjoy this issue and feel free to let us know your thoughts at

THE CUSTOMIZED EDGE: Customized Therapies

t spheres ® customized aromatherapy massage! After over 15 years of research and development, t spheres ® combines two of the most researched alternatives for treating stress: massage and aromatherapy. Never available before, this two in one portable product allows the user to individualize when, where, and how to self-massage while incorporating the benefits of aromatherapy essential oils. The special rubber material that composes the massage balls allows them to absorb and retain essential oils that last from 3 to 6 months. Available in 3 aromatherapy infusions & colors, each set includes a spray-top re-infuser and simple "how to use" pictorial instructions in a travel bag.

How does it work?

Aromatherapy is released from t spheres ® upon contact. This allows for natural stress-relief. When the original aromatherapy infusion oils run out, the t spheres can be re-booted using the included spray-top re-infuser.Each set has its own unique set of benefits. The Perk Up set combines peppermint and grapefruit, giving the user improved concentration and circulation.

Peppermint’s beneficial qualities:

. Decongestant . Reduces fatigue, increases mental alertness . Traditionally used to treat travel sickness and heartburn

Grapefruit’s beneficial qualities:

. Antidepressant and emotional stimulant . Diuretic qualities . Helps in treatment of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Also available are Inner Beauty with Rose Geranium infused t spheres ® for lifting the spirit and allowing your inner beauty to shine, and a smaller set of tiny t spheres, Pep-Up-Mint, which uses peppermint to naturally reduce pain and increase concentration. t spheres massage balls can be heated, cooled, and used almost anywhere on the body.


DoshaCareOrganic skincare that evolves with you! How? The DoshaCare products are based around the users individual doshas; worldly elements that supports inner peace, outer health and ageless living. Combined with this is the knowledge of the Ayurvedic tradition of India with the sophistication of western science.

The three main doshas are Vata (wind), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (earth). Before selecting products, customers identify their primary and secondary doshas by answering an eight-question quiz. The answers help customize which products “fit” the user. With 17 individual products to choose from, DoshaCare offers varied solutions to help balance and address all of the characteristics of any given skin type!

Vata skin is dry to dehydrated. Pitta skin is normal to sensitive. Kapha skin is oily to congested. Cleanser, masque, and moisturizer should be chosen based on the primary dosha. Skin regimens can be further customized by choosing the DoshaCare Elixir based on the secondary doshas. The skin dosha is more than just a skin “type”- it reflects one’s personality and general nature. DoshaCare’s products are designed to help the consumer achieve an authentic radiance - inside and out!

DoshaCare also prides itself in offering both natural and sustainable products. 98% of all ingredients in DoshaCare come from botanical sources and most are organic and wild craft harvested!

The DoshaCare Journey Includes:

. Rituals . Routine . Self Massage . Meditation . Daily exercise . Vibrant Foods . Hydration . Affirmations

THE ACTIVE EDGE: Innovative Ingredients


The secret to ageless skin in 10-14 days! This revolutionary anti-aging product collection was discovered in Provence and devised from a secret French formula. The formulas in Adorage, blends nature (phytoextracts), with science (active ingredients), to create a unique product that restores glow and youth to the skin.

Innovative active ingredients include Glycolic Acid, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C. Phytoextractingredients serve as powerful antioxidants to fight the effects of aging and interact with biochemical processes to improve skin’s appearance and health.

Phytoextracts and their benefits

. Soya extract: Boosts and maintains the skin’s production of collagen. Also fights moisture loss. . Wild Yam extract: A strong antioxidant, restores hormonal balance of the skin. . Mulberry extract: Keeps skin fresh with its mild brightening and clarifying properties. . Sunflower extract: A powerful antioxidant, gives skin clarity and suppleness. . Rosemary extract: One of the strongest antioxidants known in dermatology. Known for its miraculous lifting and rejuvenating effects. . Jojoba extract: An incredible moisturizer and anti-inflammatory agent. . Shea Tree extract: Softens skin with natural fatty acids and protects it from dryness as well as other climatic stresses.

Featured Product

Powerful 30% Arnica Gel helps significantly reduce patients’ bruising and swelling due to esthetic injections, chemical peeling, laser and mesotherapy injections.


Cellergie ®Anti-aging NADH Cosmeceuticals newly launched to the U.S. What is NADH? NADH stands for Nicotinamide-Adenine-Dinucleotide. The H stands for Hydrogen, which reacts to the oxygen in cells to produce water and ATP (chemical energy). The more NADH a cell has available, the more energy the cell can produce, making it function better and live longer.

It was originally believed that NADH was too unstable to be used therapeutically. After 20 years of research it has been done and the Cellergie ® NADH Cell Serum is the result! Why is this important? When people get older, their cells don’t produce as much ATP and water, causing the cells and skin to age. NADH is also one of the most important coenzymes in the body, essential for more than 1000 metabolic reactions:

. NADH increases ATP energy in every cell. . NADH repairs altered DNA and damaged cells. . NADH acts as one of the strongest anti-oxidants.

Used by Dermatologist, the NADH Cell Serum produces a true anti-aging effect for the aging skin by restoring water and energy and making the skin appear younger and firmer.


SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF ™ Broad-Spectrum Antioxidant After five years of research Phloretin from SkinCeuticals is a newly identified molecule derived from the bark of apple, grapefruit, and pear trees! Skin gets strengthened support on the inside and a more radiant, firm, and youthful appearance on the outside.

It is known for its antioxidant properties and has been studied as a pigment-regulating agent. Phloretin has a unique molecular structure which makes it such a powerful antioxidant as well as a anticancer, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory agent. Phloretin CF ™ capitalizes on all of these aspects, the result - a broad-spectrum treatment that fights skin damage at every level!

The broad-spectrum activity of Phloretin CF ™ :

. Prevents DNA damage . Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis . Inhibits UV-induced discolorations and erythema . Accelerates skin’s natural repair process

Phloretin CF ™, proven to be a powerful antioxidant, helps correct visible signs of photo-damage, particularly age spots and discolorations. Clinical results show reduction of wrinkles, laxity, mottled texture, and age spots for dramatically healthier, stronger, and more radiant skin in as early as four weeks!


CorSilver service treatment for the faceBlown away by the success of their Silver Soap®, Cor has recently launched an extreme line of products to complement the benefits of this wonder bar. The cumulative effects of Cor’s cocktail of ingredients works uniquely for each individual, resulting in a natural, dewy-fresh glow of youth.

The Cor system is a convenient, simple set of products that cleanses and works effectively to achieve wonderful results for skin. With its new moisturizer, serum, and age-defying eye cream, it is now both possible and easy to have and maintain a perfectly polished face.

The products are designed to even out skin tone, cleanse, moisturize, and replenish collagen. All of these new products are based on the original Cor technology, using many of the same natural ingredients.

Natural Ingredients used in Cor and their Benefits

Silver: blocks and kills bacteria, speeds growth and repair of cells. . Silica: helps other ingredients penetrate the dermis layer of the skin. . Collagen: Cor soap contains 4 different types of collagen.

Chitosan:  a natural fiber that evens the skin tone and cleanses the skin. Sericin: a natural protein made from silk. It binds moisture and has UV ray inhibiting properties.

Foam...rinse...glow ®

THE LASER EDGE: Advances in Light Therapy


IInnLight - World’s first Molecular Massage™ The iinnLight Pro™ therapy system is the first light laser company to offer a non-invasive Molecular Massage™, a unique way to produce natural anti-aging effects. Light Emitting Diodes deliver rejuvenating photon light that, when absorbed into the skin, is transformed into energy that stimulates growth, repair, and regeneration of the human body.

iinnLight Pro™ therapy can even be administered multiple times per week to reduce stress and promote healthy aging. In just one 30 minute session, the iinnLight Molecular Massage™ provides the following benefits:

. Relieves stress . Promotes restfulness . Increases energy . Minimizes appearance of lines/wrinkles . Increases the efficacy of topical treatments

iinnLight also offers a variety of different therapy programs, each using different wavelengths (colors) of LED illumination. The Facial Program bathes the face with all of the wavelengths of LED illumination. This results in more production of collagen, and reduces appearance of fine lines. The Blue Wave Program uses mostly blue wavelengths of LED illumination, elevating the mood and increasing alertness. The Relief Program uses mostly red wavelengths, providing pain relief and reducing inflammation.

The SmartXide DOTThe innovation of CO2 laser technology. The CO2 laser – the “gold standard” in skin resurfacing technology since it was first reported in 1991 – produces superb results for patients. However, traditional CO2 laser resurfacing removes the entire skin surface, which results in a prolonged and somewhat difficult recovery. SmartXide DOT technology offers results approaching those of traditional CO2 laser resurfacing, but with complete recovery in only a few days!

The DOT system is unique because it uses customized patterns of micro-sized dots rather than attacking the skin’s entire surface. This leaves the skin around each of the perforations intact, speeding up the healing process and allowing for a more youthful appearance. The thousands of microscopic perforations stimulate collagen production to improve skin’s texture and tone. All of this is done without the pain and discomfort of traditional laser therapy. Only a topical anesthetic is needed for treatments and patients can apply makeup immediately after the procedure!

THE KISSING EDGE: Angel Kisses for Mani/Pedi's


Asian Kissing Fish:The latest emerging trend in the spa industry! Would you let a group of tiny fish nibble at your feet? Out of 10539 surveyed, 68% said yes! And why not? After all, the traditional manicure/pedicure involves scrubbing that can be painful. It can also be embarrassing to have a technician see and deal with the skin’s imperfections.

Is it safe? Yes! Fish cannot be infected with skin conditions or infections. Asian Kissing Fish provide anonymous, safe, and effective care, and plus, most people love the feeling of being “kissed” by the fish! The gentle nibbling feels like a micro-massage and like many therapies, helps in reducing stress and treating various skin conditions.

Asian Kissing Fish ease the symptoms of:

. Psoriasis . Eczema . Dermatitis

All of these skin conditions result in dry, scaly, and painful skin. Asian Kissing Fish can help alleviate pain, reduce stress, and if nothing else, it’s a good story to tell friends!