BE attended The GlamourGals Leadership Training Institute at Helen Mills, NYC on Saturday, November 22, 2008. We spent some time with the young ladies of GlamourGals coined "GG" and the organization's founder, Rachel Doyle.

GlamourGals is a non-profit organization that brings teens and the elderly together to create smiles that span generations! The young women of GG, organize chapters throughout the U.S., make appointments to visit the senior facilities, and provide complimentary facials and makeovers to a "senior" generation of women.

During our visit, we got the scoop on this one day training and the vision of GG from Rachel Doyle. We also had a fantastic opportunity to ask questions from 105, 11-19 year old GG's about their preferred beauty products. Here they are:

GG's 6 Beauty "Favorites"

1. Favorite facial cleansing product form......Creamy Cleanser

2. Favorite, "can't live without" facial skin care product...Moisturizer with SPF

3. Favorite facial product skin care benefit.....Clears Acne

4. Favorite lip product form...Lip Gloss

5. Favorite fragrance scent....Soft Floral

6. Favorite way to purchase cosmetics...Friend's Recommendation


moisturizer with healthy skin benefits, lip balm, fruity fragrances and shopping at drugstore's were close contender favorites.

THE LEADERSHIP EDGE: Gearing Up for Success

The Leadership Training Institute

What is it?

A day centered around three key learning points.

The first is anecdotal skill building. A group of leading beauty industry panelists and speakers bring concepts and ideas to life and present real examples of how they apply communication skills. These inspirational speakers become role models for the GG volunteers.

Second, is actual presentation skills. GG works hard to make sure that a majority of the volunteers are actively participating throughout the day. For example, they introduce and thank speakers, they present ideas, give speeches or share discussions in front the group. The organization also has interactive workshops where they can take the ideas that they just learned and incorporate them with their own knowledge and style and work together as a group. These two skills; presentations and group work, are essential to the work place and their future careers.

Third, the day allows the volunteers to connect and network with one another. Meeting, sharing and working with others is important for volunteers because GG knows that volunteering can be difficult sometimes. If a girl knows that there is a network of other girls they can connect with in those situations, it will help them continue. For their future, learning to network and meet new people is important to successful business skills.

Ayana, one of the GG's, told us about how inspiring it is to make an older person smile and that it gave her an "awesome feeling". The women at the nursing homes always ask when the girls are coming back and are so grateful for the friendships that are made.


What does the future hold for GG? For almost a decade now, GG has experienced exponential growth which has doubled in size over the past couple of years. As an organization looking to create a sustainable future, GG is working on instituting programs that allows its volunteers to continually build their skills and retain its volunteers.

GG hopes to grow to 1,000 volunteers by year end 2009.


As we absorbed all of the excitement and experiences that impact the world of the GlamourGirls, we thought...What inspiration can we draw from GG and their influence on the elderly and their cosmetic favorites?

... could there be room for a modern fruity fragrance enhanced by a classic scent just waiting to be made into a GG signature fragrance?...and, perhaps a GG "cult" sheer gloss wearable by young and mature women?...let's not forget about a light moisturizer with sun protection which can be beneficial to women of all ages.

Either way, all three products would be a great success with young girls and mature women. Don't you think it's about time a cosmetic product can satisfy such a wide range of women?

To learn more about GlamourGals, please visit glamourgals.