How To Solve Beauty Dilemmas With Gold!

Gold.  It's the ultimate in luxury and has been popping up as a cosmetic additive and special effect treatment for quite some time in the world of beauty.  Immediate skin benefits of enhanced glow and luminosity are seen on the skin when applied within formulas containing gold flakes or powders. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, known as  one of the most beautiful women in human history, slept with a golden mask on her face, to help preserve the youth of her skin. But is there a true skin benefit and impact in  cosmetics and facial treatments with the inclusion of gold?   


According to Dr. Atika Oudia, assistant Professor at UPS, Toulouse-France, “Gold is used in many ways in medicine from oligoterapia to the reduction of rheumatoid arthritis because of its ability to reduce inflammation. In cosmetics, gold helps give luminosity to the skin, since it stimulates the micro-circulation of blood. Improvement of circulation helps to diminish dark circles and revitalize the skin.”

 Gold Cosmetica, offers limited clinical studies that support the use of gold to provide anti-aging, firming, and rejuvenating benefits when used in a treatment.   The company not only supplies gold particles, but also has a wide variety of gold and silver blends with different particle sizes.  As with every finished product, the full product needs to be tested in order to prove out the product performance claims. It is encouraging that the industry is taking strides to prove out the benefits of this luxury material.  

Claims around gold

  • no vegetal extracts
  • no chemical ingredients of synthetic or mineral origin
  • no ingredients of biotechnological origin
  • no preservatives, antioxidants, or chelating agents
  • no animal testing

Fun facts about gold:

  • The average person's body weighing 70 kilograms would contain a total mass of 0.2 milligrams of gold.
  • Gold is used in medicine, particularly in the areas of treating arthritis and cancer.
  • Gold is a key element in the transmittal of electrical signals throughout the body.


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